Animals in Trauma Recovery: Formal Classifications

A Look at the Different Roles an Animal Can Play in Trauma Recovery There are countless benefits to owning a pet. Therefore, it is no surprise, that there are countless “roles” that an animal can play in an owner’s life. For a long time now, some of these roles have come to be quite formalized. Think of how long dogs have been “put to work” in the medical community. We have all become accustomed to seeing-eye dogs and service dogs for people with other physical disabilities. Dogs have even been trained to sniff out cancer or high blood sugar in diabetics. These dogs provide their owners with an invaluable service that allows them to function in society where they otherwise may not be able to. Recently, the psychological community has begun to take notice. Countless … Read More

Animal Assisted Interventions for Trauma and PTSD

The Role that Animals Play in Treating Domestic Violence Trauma and PTSD When times got tough, my friends and I used to joke that all we really wanted was to switch lives with a well-kept house pet. I must admit, it still sometimes seems like a good gig. I thought there could be nothing better. Then, in 2009 I adopted my first dog. After a few months of bonding, I came to see that the only thing better than being a well-kept pet might be owning one. My dogs, I adopted a second in 2013, have come to be the greatest companions in my life. They are a source of endless snuggles, kisses, fun, and unconditional love. As great as these things are to me, I can only imagine how great they must feel to … Read More

Treating Trauma in Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: A Unique Challenge

Why Effective Trauma Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence Victims is Particularly Difficult Research shows that even though there are several different treatment modalities being used today, making a full recovery from trauma can be a difficult and lengthy process. However, therapeutic and medication based interventions have proven effective with a lot of hard work and time. Sounds promising; right? Not necessarily for domestic violence victims. Most of the research currently being done on trauma treatment is focused on combat victims and military personnel. Their experience when it comes to effective treatment of trauma is often vastly different than that of a domestic violence victim. This is particularly true for victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). There is ample evidence to show that IPV victims face with an especially unique set of challenges when it comes … Read More