Home for the Holidays: Signs Your Teen Is Abusive

Signs Your Teen Is Abusive

  Generally, when we think of abuse, we come at it from the victim’s perspective. We look for signs we should have recognized and ways we can support them. It’s less common to consider things from the perspective of the abuser’s family, but often someone who abuses a significant other may have shown warning signs or a similar pattern within their own family with a parent or sibling. As you’re gathering for the holidays this year, think about your children’s behavior, and if you’re concerned, here are some warning signs of abuse to look for and steps you can take. Warning Signs Intimidation and Retaliation It’s totally normal for kids, especially teens, to test boundaries and push to get what they want. It’s not normal if you’re afraid of retaliation for saying no. If your … Read More

Home for the Holidays: Dating Violence Warning Signs

Home for the Holidays: Dating Violence Warning Signs

If you’re a parent with kids in their teens or early twenties, the winter holidays may be not only a time to celebrate with family, but also a chance to meet your child’s new significant other. Having kids enter into serious relationships for the first time can be challenging for any parent, and of course, you want your kids to have healthy and happy relationships. Every relationship is different, and a partner who exhibits occasional bad behavior may not be abusive, but many teens and young people may blame themselves for abuse or may have a hard time spotting it. If you’re concerned about your child’s relationship, ask yourself if you’ve seen any of these warning signs of dating violence. Does your child’s significant other: Check your child’s phone, email or social media often and/or … Read More

10 Tips to Keep Pets Healthy this Holiday Season

10 Ways to Keep Pets Healthy this Holiday Season

The holidays can be filled with joy, but they can also be stressful for both you and your pets. Whatever you have on the agenda this season, read on for our tips to keep all your furry friends happy and healthy. Watch out for these decoration don’ts. Make sure Christmas trees and other heavy decorations are secured, and always unplug lights when you’re not at home. Skip the tinsel, as many pets are tempted to eat it and it can cause intestinal blockages. Last, avoid putting any additives (such as aspirin) in your Christmas tree water, which pets may drink. Know your holiday plants. Amaryllis, poinsettia, mistletoe, balsam, pine, cedar, and holly can all be toxic to pets if eaten. Skip them all together if you have an especially young or curious pet, or keep … Read More

Does Domestic Violence Spike Over the Holidays?

For many of us, the holidays are one of the happiest times of the year. We associate these winter months with family, celebration, and joy, but they can also come with extra helpings of pressure. Whether it’s financial stress from buying presents or the challenge of juggling even more obligations, anxiety is a common side effect of the high expectations of a having a “perfect” holiday. Each year around this time, local media outlets come out with stories about domestic violence spiking over the holidays, attributing the increase to these additional stresses. While building awareness of domestic violence and support for victims is helpful, the data just doesn’t always back up this kind of coverage and it neglects to tell the whole story. An Overly Simplistic Narrative It’s tempting to make the connection between stress, … Read More