Moving on From an Abusive Relationship

moving on from an abusive relationship

After leaving an abusive relationship you would imagine the hard part is behind you. No more trauma. No more threats. No more fear. In reality, moving on from an abusive relationship is an uphill battle. The emotional scars of an abusive relationship can stay with you long after you leave the relationship. It is important to remember that you are entirely capable of moving on. You will be able to love and trust again, even if it takes you a while to get to there. With time, effort, support and patience you will be able to move on and break the cycle of abuse in your life. Below are tips to help you move on from your abusive relationship. Remind Yourself Why You Left Journaling about your abuse can help you remember the reasons that … Read More

Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

why women stay in abusive relationships

From the outside looking in it seems obvious. If someone is abusing you physically, mentally or emotionally, you leave. Why would you allow someone to cause you pain when you can just walk away? Why would you knowingly put yourself, your children and even your pets in danger? For many women in abusive relationships, it isn’t that easy. Women in these dangerous relationships face a complicated dilemma. A group of domestic violence researchers published a study in 2015 analyzing the reasons women stay in abusive relationships. This research was inspired by a twitter campaign, #WhyIStay. This campaign was a response to former NFL athlete Ray Rice knocking his finance unconscious in a hotel elevator. His Fiancé, Janay Palmer, married Rice shortly after the incident and publicly defended him, making many question why she would stay. … Read More

Caring for an Abused Cat

Cats have a reputation for independence, where living with a cat is more akin to having a roommate than a loving companion. There’s some truth to this myth—especially when compared to their obedient canine counterparts—but they do have an affectionate side. In fact, a recent study found that, when given the option, most cats will select human interaction over food. For a species that developed special communication for their human companions, this shouldn’t be surprising. The unique bond that cats develop with their owners isn’t based on pack behavior. Cats develop individual relationships. When a human abuses that relationship, the effects can be more drastic than what we see in dogs. Dog instinct tells them to find safety in a new pack. Cat instinct tells them to find safety hidden away and alone. As a … Read More

Domestic Violence and Its Similar Effects on Humans and Animals

Not only are human family members affected by domestic abuse, but pets are as well. Many previous investigations into cases have confirmed that plenty of famous criminals abused and even killed animals as children. They then went on to commit heinous crimes and mass murder. Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer have been open about their cruel animal deeds. Abusing animals may be a sign of criminal behavior according to the New York Times. Animal-control agencies and social service establishments in some areas of the U.S. are cross- trained to recognize animal abuse. Therefore, if the household pet shows signs of abuse, other domestic abuse is likely to have occurred. The criminal justice system began to recognize domestic violence as a serious crime in the 1970’s states Wife beating wasn’t made illegal in every state … Read More

Forms of Intimate Partner Violence

A Comprehensive Look at the Many Different Forms Intimate Partner Violence Can Take. When most people think of what domestic violence is, what they are actually thinking of is Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). IPV is violence and/or aggression that takes place between two partners who are engaged in an intimate relationship. Just as every relationship is different, the form that IVP takes within an unhealthy relationship is often different as well. Common variables include the frequency and severity of the violence. One thing is clear though; IPV does not discriminate. It can happen to women and men of any ethnicity, religion, social status, age, or disability (Veterans Affairs).   Types of IPV Every relationship varies in what form of violence is perpetrated. There is a myriad of different types of IPV. A few examples are: … Read More

Pets Make Perfect Best Friends

Similar to people, pets also make exceptional best friends. In fact, sometimes they seem to be better friends than a human companion. They don’t talk too much, never argue and are too cute and cuddly to feel irritation or anger towards. Quite possibly the best friend someone could ever hope to find is their pet. Providing Comfort in Distressing Times Pets like dogs or cats, for example, love unconditionally. Depressed or otherwise unhappy people don’t often have the energy or courage to face the world, or even go out the door, for that matter. Many times they’re feeling so down that they don’t want to see even their family or friends. Probably every person who owns a pet knows that they’ll provide the comfort they need when no one else will. Like a hot bowl … Read More