PetsEmpower’s origin-Jordan and his lab Jazz escape domestic violence

PetsEmpower is a non-profit that helps people in crisis find temporary foster homes for their pets.

Just like many of the best organizations, PetsEmpower was created after a true story endured by its founder, Jordan Ross.  After graduating from college Jordan seldom knew his future would hold far more than celebrations. Soon enough, Jordan found himself homeless with his black lab Jazz in the streets of Boston after escaping a violent household.  His parents had taken on a string of threats and abuse towards not just Jordan but his loyal companion Jazz as well.  

Jordan knew he had to get Jazz and himself out of there however, domestic violence shelters did not allow pets. Jordan was terrified if he gave Jazz up to a foster or shelter he would never see his best friend again.  He knew if he lost Jazz, the only thing he had left; it would be detrimental to his healing process. Thankfully, Jordan did find a short term foster to take care of Jazz while he got the help he needed. During this time Jordan visited Jazz on a weekly basis and after three months was able to get back on his feet and reunite with his best friend.  Thanks to this temporary foster, Jordan and Jazz were able to fight this battle together, conquer it together, and live out some wonderful years because of it.    

From this experience Jordan knew he had to do something to help other people in similar situations.  He soon found out he was not alone, there are more than three million domestic violence survivors in the United States who need short term fostering while they seek help.  

Today, Jordan has grown PetsEmpower into a resource for people to access all throughout the country.  PetsEmpower understands the importance a pet has on a person’s life. We can help people escape and start anew all while knowing their pets are in good hands waiting their return.  Domestic violence survivors who need a place to keep their pet can visit and find the help they need.

If you or a loved one are in a time of crisis fleeing abuse and need short term pet fostering care please go on  We are here to help people all throughout the nation find the help they need. Don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed, do what’s best for you and your furry friend!