Pets Make Perfect Best Friends

Similar to people, pets also make exceptional best friends. In fact, sometimes they seem to be better friends than a human companion. They don’t talk too much, never argue and are too cute and cuddly to feel irritation or anger towards. Quite possibly the best friend someone could ever hope to find is their pet.

Providing Comfort in Distressing Times

Pets like dogs or cats, for example, love unconditionally. Depressed or otherwise unhappy people don’t often have the energy or courage to face the world, or even go out the door, for that matter. Many times they’re feeling so down that they don’t want to see even their family or friends. Probably every person who owns a pet knows that they’ll provide the comfort they need when no one else will. Like a hot bowl of soup and a warm blanket, animals will stick by their human friend’s side. Animals are more intelligent than humans in some ways because they aren’t superficial and therefore don’t concern themselves with trivial matters. Dogs don’t care if a person looks particularly ill or pale — they’ll still treat someone the same way as the first day they met. Like a true best friend, a pet instinctively knows how to love unconditionally and will even endure traumatizing situations right along with people. It’s one of the most difficult tasks in life to find a real friend and a pet will provide the kind of love and stability everyone needs.

Unique Personalities of Pets

Pets thoroughly enjoy bringing happiness to people each and every day. Nowhere can there be found a more loyal or devoted companion. Dogs are always ready with bright eyes, tongues lolling and a few barks to meet a person when they arrive home from a long hectic commute from work. Some pets display lively, playful personalities while others are more down to earth and humble. They’re genuinely cheerful nature is unparalleled and will uplift the most negative soul. They can be stubborn and even show surprisingly human features when least expected. Just as a human best friend will offer comic relief in the worst of times, pets also have a sense of humor.’s 12 of the Funniest Animals on Earth talks about a hilarious photo of a tricolored heron that resembles the famous painting by Edvard Munch called The Scream. Comics like Garfield and Get Fuzzy humorously exaggerate the unique personalities of pets in their otherwise average lives with humans.

Animals Can Be Heroes Too

A real best friend will defend and attack if necessary. Amazingly, some animals have gone down in history for saving peoples’ lives and providing aid in seriously dire straits. According to an internet article from Time, Togo the sled dog endured 200 miles and dreadful weather to carry a serum for isolated Alaskan villagers. Togo not only performed this heroic feat but also took his strength further when he swam through ice floes and saved his driver and an entire team of sled dogs. Another interesting story involves a teenager who tried to commit suicide in the waters of California. Dolphins were swimming near the teen and began acting up. Scientists just happened to notice this strange behavior and found the girl near death and a few miles from land. She eventually recovered and her life was saved thanks to the attention of a few “nosy” bottlenose dolphins.

Pets are definitely more extraordinary than humans in some important ways and deliver a positive distraction from everyday life. For all of these reasons and more, they should receive unconditional love in return for their selfless deeds. Just as a person deserves to be saved from everyday life or even a disturbing or abusive situation, animals deserve a safe haven too.