GoPetie’s Doggie Double Date – August 21

If you love your dog as much as we do, you know that socializing is key in their happiness and development. In a city like Boston, it may be hard to find other pet-parents or the idea of a dog park may overwhelm you and your companion.

This Wednesday, August 23m 2017 from 5:30 – 9:30 PM at Zone 3 and Aeronaut Brewing Co., 267 Western Ave, Boston, MA, GoPetie is hosting a Doggie Double Date event! Included at the event will be craft beers, food trucks, doggie treats and live music! Go for an opportunity to meet other dog owners in your area and create friendships for your canine companion. You and your dog enter free if you create a GoPetie profile for your pet before the event, which is simple as entering some information to begin your GoPetie experience.

GoPetie, an application for your phone, connects you and other pet owners across the nation with the same goal in mind: being obsessed with our pets. You can swipe left and right for local pets after getting their bio and owner information, schedule services for your pet, and post all about them to a community of likeminded people. In addition, there is a community form for lost pets which helps to bring attention to all local residents if need be.

We’ve already joined in and will be participating in the event. Hope to see you there!