Foster a Pet

Pet fostering helps animals in need - and people, too!

If you want to do something to help animals, fostering can be a flexible, fun and rewarding volunteer job. Fostering with PetsEmpower can be even more rewarding. Here’s why:

  • PetsEmpower helps people in crisis by finding safe, temporary homes for their pets.
  • Fostering is a great way to enjoy a pet if you are not in a position to make that lifetime commitment right now. Fostering can be an excellent option for college students or military families.
  • Would you like to add a dog or cat to your household, but you’re not sure? Fostering can be a great way to find out.

Taking animals into your home, loving them, and then letting them go requires a special kind of person. Your role as a foster parent or family is to provide a safe home for the pet until it can be reunited with its "person."

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How do I give fostering a try?

When you submit the information below, you'll be able to download the Application to Foster form. After you return the form, an experienced staff member will follow up with you. He/she will answer your questions and discuss the fostering experience in more detail.

As a foster parent or family with PetsEmpower, you are making an enormous difference. Not just in the life of the pet you foster, but in the life of someone going through a difficult and painful time. It is important, valuable work.

Please provide the information below to access a fostering application you can download

Photo by Chris Abney on Unsplash