Find Safe, Short-term Pet Fostering

Going through a crisis and worried about your pet?
PetsEmpower can help! We serve domestic violence survivors, veterans, seniors, and addicts in Massachusetts.

If you anticipate being in (or are in) a living situation where your pet is at risk, PetsEmpower is here for you. We are committed to helping you and your furry, loving friend stay together for the long run by providing safe pet foster care in the short run.

Please note, as of now we only have the capacity to assist Massachusetts residents. If you are elsewhere in the United States, we may be able to refer you to a partner.

Owner Release and Waiver of Liability

How Pet Fostering Works

  1. We discuss your situation and review your options
  2. We provide a referral for veterinary care and connect you with a short-term, volunteer foster for your pet
  3. Your pet is safely transported to the foster home
  4. Depending on the foster, you will have contact with your pet and visitation while PetsEmpower provides food and veterinary care
  5. When your situation stabilizes, you and your pet are happily reunited!

*For domestic violence cases an advocate is required*
- To obtain an advocate, please contact your local domestic violence agency. 


From our partner, Jane Doe, Inc.

In Massachusetts: Domestic Violence Safelink (a 24 hour multilingual statewide hotline)
1-877-785-2020 TTY: 1-877-521-2601

For support outside of Massachusetts: National Domestic Violence Hotline
at 800-799-SAFE (800-799-7233).

For U.S. Citizens outside the country, Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center(AODVC) International toll free crisis line, 866-USWOMEN (866-979-6636) or visit


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