Game Change: The Anti-Violence Partnership

The Patriots Anti-Violence Partnership

What is Game Change? Game Change: The Patriots Anti-Violence Partnership is an educative alliance between Northeastern University, the New England Patriots and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (AGO), whose goal is to foster long-term anti-violence and healthy relationship education with the focus of developing student leaders to train their peers.   Game Change is a multi-phased initiative funded by owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, and The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation, as well as the AGO. The training encourages facilitated conversations about issues like relationship abuse, consent, and respectful communication. Phase One began in 2015 with the selection of 30 high schools across the state to partner with a local domestic and sexual violence prevention organization. Through these partnerships, organizations were able to educate school staff, coaches, and parents, and to be an … Read More

Companion Animals: Can pets help improve your mental and physical health?

companion animals

When I get home from a long stressful day at work I am greeted at the door by two cats who are extremely happy to see me. When I have an anxiety attack my cat is purring by my side, licking my hand until I calm down. It’s no secret that our pets make us happy even on our worst days but researchers have concluded that companion animals are in fact good for our health. This is why we see animals on college campuses during finals, in hospitals and even in prisons. Research shows that the presence of a companion animal has health benefits including improvements in mental, social, and physiologic health. In regards to mental health, owning a cat or dog brings routine based on their care needs which can often help people with … Read More

PetsEmpower 2018 Pet Art Show: Accepting Submissions

PetsEmpower proudly presents a pet art show this spring in Boston! Pet parents and their companions in Boston (and anywhere else!) have deep emotional ties. We’d love to connect with artists of all types and experience levels for submissions depicting this very special relationship. Artists will be publicized and invited to the opening. Please email or call 617 386 6192 to learn more. Join our mailing list to be sure you get details on the pet show and other news from PetsEmpower. Someone in crisis who is courageously overcoming challenges shouldn’t have to worry about keeping their pet. PetsEmpower works with domestic violence survivors, veterans, addicts and others to arrange temporary pet fostering.

Animals in Trauma Recovery: Formal Classifications

A Look at the Different Roles an Animal Can Play in Trauma Recovery There are countless benefits to owning a pet. Therefore, it is no surprise, that there are countless “roles” that an animal can play in an owner’s life. For a long time now, some of these roles have come to be quite formalized. Think of how long dogs have been “put to work” in the medical community. We have all become accustomed to seeing-eye dogs and service dogs for people with other physical disabilities. Dogs have even been trained to sniff out cancer or high blood sugar in diabetics. These dogs provide their owners with an invaluable service that allows them to function in society where they otherwise may not be able to. Recently, the psychological community has begun to take notice. Countless … Read More

Animal Assisted Interventions for Trauma and PTSD

The Role that Animals Play in Treating Domestic Violence Trauma and PTSD When times got tough, my friends and I used to joke that all we really wanted was to switch lives with a well-kept house pet. I must admit, it still sometimes seems like a good gig. I thought there could be nothing better. Then, in 2009 I adopted my first dog. After a few months of bonding, I came to see that the only thing better than being a well-kept pet might be owning one. My dogs, I adopted a second in 2013, have come to be the greatest companions in my life. They are a source of endless snuggles, kisses, fun, and unconditional love. As great as these things are to me, I can only imagine how great they must feel to … Read More

One of the Greatest Loves I’ve Ever Had

Alarm goes off at 7:00 am. I consider hitting snooze and getting a few extra minutes with my dreams. Then, I roll over and see the sweetest face greeting me with a good morning gaze. I know in that moment she’ll understand if I go back to sleep and would even be content to watch while I did. She never questions anything I do. She just wants me to be happy, even at 7:00am. That’s not to say she won’t speak up when she disagrees with me, or when she’s not getting the attention she deserves (and trust me, she deserves it). But by and large, she’s the greatest companion I’ve ever had the honor of loving. Who is she? Her name is Sophie; my 6 pound, 9-year-old, rescue pup. Sophie is one of those, … Read More

A Long-time Foster Shares Her Secrets

Shae's foster, Rex

Fostering a pet can seem like a challenge: you don’t know the pet, how they’ll act in your home, or maybe you worry about getting too attached. But for every challenge, there are rewards that outweigh it. We recently caught up with an active foster, Shae S., who shared her experience and tons of amazing advice for anyone out there considering becoming a foster. Read on to find out how she got started, why baby gates are her best friend and her tips for what to expect in 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m a 33-year-old introverted graphic designer. I love the mountains, traveling, gardening and just being outside. I’ve lived in Colorado, Arkansas, Minnesota, but I bought a home and found my dream job in Utah … Read More

Study Reveals that Cats Prefer Human Social Interaction

credit: Researchers at Oregon State University have published the results of a study on household and shelter cats. After offering four different types of stimuli to individual cats, they discovered that, overall, cats preferred social interaction with humans to food. Because cats have developed an unemotional reputation based on independence, many found this surprising. However, if you’ve ever lived with a cat, these results probably didn’t reveal any new information. They won’t follow you around like puppies do, but cats do show affection in a variety of ways. Behavioral Study of Household and Feral Cats There are dozens of short articles summarizing the study’s findings without an explanation of the testing.  If you were on social media in 2013, you probably remember a similar viral story about domestic cats killing billions of birds and … Read More

Animal Magic: Dog Edition

Last week, I asked a few friends to write me a small testimonial about their cats, and how they bring joy and comfort to their homes, through both the good and the bad. This week, I approached the dog-lovers in my life, and asked them to do the same! I grew up with my nanny’s dog; a sweet old black Labrador called Annie. I remember tugging her ears, chasing her around the garden and taking naps with her- but mostly I remember the feeling of a friend while my elder sister was at school. 90% of the time I was probably a little monster, but she never barked at me or scared me; she put her head in my lap to calm me down, and the soft scurry of her paws on the kitchen tiles … Read More

Black Friday, Meet Giving Tuesday

A $300 tax deductible donation to Pets Empower gives vet care, transportation and food to a foster animal and every donation is crucial in saving lives.

Thanksgiving marks a time for expressing gratitude and gathering with friends and family, but in recent years the biggest events of the holiday seem to be shopping related. On Black Friday, stores now open as early as early as Thursday evening so you can be sure to secure that half-off sweater. If you can’t handle the crowds (or getting off the couch after all that turkey), Cyber Monday offers deals on everything from leaf blowers to gaming gear. A simple click, and into your online cart it goes. The internet sale has become so popular it actually gets covered live on Lifehacker; but not only does all this spending not really seem in line with the spirit of the season, if Gizmodo’s coverage asking readers for their most ridiculous Black Friday purchases is any indication, many … Read More