Red Rover funds CT’s first domestic violence shelter

Connecticut’s First Pet-Friendly Domestic Violence Shelter A recent victory for domestic violence survivors everywhere was gained this year: Connecticut opened the first ever pet-friendly domestic violence shelter in the state! Connecticut now makes 40 states across the country offering accommodations for both domestic violence survivors and their furry friends. This revolutionary facility, Safe Futures, is only the second facility across the entire northeast that allows pets to join their owners in the shelters. While there is much room for improvement in the acceptance of animals into these facilities, Safe Futures are setting the example for other shelters, all while helping survivors and their pets find peace. The Connecticut facility received a $15,000 grant from RedRover, an organization motivated by maintaining the wellbeing of all animals, including keeping them with their owners through the struggles of … Read More

Game Change: The Anti-Violence Partnership

The Patriots Anti-Violence Partnership

What is Game Change? Game Change: The Patriots Anti-Violence Partnership is an educative alliance between Northeastern University, the New England Patriots and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (AGO), whose goal is to foster long-term anti-violence and healthy relationship education with the focus of developing student leaders to train their peers.   Game Change is a multi-phased initiative funded by owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, and The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation, as well as the AGO. The training encourages facilitated conversations about issues like relationship abuse, consent, and respectful communication. Phase One began in 2015 with the selection of 30 high schools across the state to partner with a local domestic and sexual violence prevention organization. Through these partnerships, organizations were able to educate school staff, coaches, and parents, and to be an … Read More

The Silencing of Immigrant Domestic Violence Vicitms

Immigrant women are often at higher risk for domestic violence than other women in America. This is due to the fact that there are often huge differences in cultural norms when it comes to the treatment of women. Many of the cultures that these women come from view domestic abuse as the norm. This often leads immigrant women to be afraid to speak out about their abuse, as their cultural norm is one of silence in the face of mistreatment. Even if an immigrant woman is bold enough to speak out, there is often a lack of access between herself and any sort of help. Immigrant women are often not even aware of their rights within the American legal system. This is largely the result of something as simple as a language barrier. There are … Read More

RedRover Relief Program Receives Funding Boost

Sacramento Based Nonprofit Receives A $433,000 Grant to Help Domestic Violence Victims and Their Pets Stay Safe Together Up to 48 percent of domestic violence victims cite concern for their pets as a main reason for being unable to flee (Ascione, F.R., 2007). RedRover, a Sacramento based animal rescue, learned this fact and knew they had to act. They are doing just that. In 2007 they started their RedRover Relief Domestic Violence program. This program helps victims and their pets find safety together. The program just received a huge boost with a $433,000 grant donation from an anonymous foundation. RedRover president and CEO Nicole Forsyth was quoted by a local newspaper as saying that “this generous grant saves lives by expanding this vital program to more domestic violence survivors across the country so they can … Read More