Nonprofit Foundation providing fostering organizations serving the Pets of Domestic Violence Survivors:

Funding, Visibility, Volunteers, Thought Leadership, and Consulting

We promote a seamless, smooth, and simple process allowing domestic violence survivors and pets to enter safe spaces as fast as possible to keep the pet bond intact. We leverage each short-term foster agency's best capabilities.  We ensure peace of mind their loving pet is taken care of and provide reunification, positive health outcomes, transformative community service, and corporate social impact.  We spread love throughout the community via pet fostering.  We  also provide volunteers and funding for a stable source of income to short-term pet fostering organizations to increase capacity.

We accept strictly domestic violence cases  and require a domestic violence advocate to fill out the "find pet fostering" button above.


To increase capacity across the United States for short-term pet fostering allowing domestic violence survivors to enter shelters, access services and reunite with their pets.  We focus on fundraising building an endowment for stable funding, volunteer and client referrals, and consulting for short-term fostering organizations. We preserve one of the most important relationships on the planet and contribute to positive social, emotional, vocational, and physical health outcomes.


A world where 1 million American domestic violence survivors preserve healing pet relationships on their journey to freedom.  Loving pets cease to serve as barrier to entry to domestic violence shelters.  Survivors escape domestic violence quickly and develop lives of dignity and choice.


Digitally fluent, Community minded, empathy, collaboration, team orientation, innovative loving leadership, advocacy, empowerment, faith, opportunity

Through Ahimsa House we also provide a state-by-state directory of temporary pet fostering providers and other resources.

Banner image by Jonathan Kriz.